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Announcing the July 10 Pre-Release of PRETENSE -Book #1 of the Imbroglio Trilogy

PRETENSE will be available for purchase in trade paperback and ebook on Amazon during the pre-release period. Beginning in August, the full release and launch will occur with the addition of the hardcover, large print, and remaining eBook formats. In September, the dramatized audiobook will complete the PRETENSE publication formats.


RELIANCE BOOKS is an independent, U.S. based, small press publisher specializing in bringing fiercely independent authors to book readers and lovers globally. What do we mean by fiercely independent authors? Simply authors across a range of genres who are not afraid to break with tradition whether in pioneering new writing styles, book formats, and book marketing.

Our current Genres include:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Business
  • Children’s
  • Education

Our Cardinal Rules:

  • Quality – The disruption and remaking of the book and publishing industry has had many beneficial impacts including, the emergence of many new authors and small press publishing houses as well as new media methods of distribution. Unfortunately, there have also been some undesirable side-effects, one of the most negative being the growing prevalence of low-quality writing and publishing. Many self-published books suffer from a lack of professional editing, both in text and covers. Even some of the larger and more established publishers have moved to less rigorous editing as a cost-cutting move. At RELIANCE BOOKS PUBLISHING, we believe that truly professional editing will improve any book and also weed-out those that are not suitable for publication. Proofreading is not editing, but rather, a final step that follows rigorous multiple rounds of content editing. In our experience, the time an author invests in writing a book draft typically represents a third to a quarter of the time required to turn that book into a finished product ready to publish.
  • Uniqueness – The works of the authors we publish must be unique, not near copies or rehashes of prior books, whether their own or the literary works of others. This applies equally whether nonfiction, children’s books or fiction.
  • Author Integrity – Today, it has become acceptable for successful fiction authors to delegate the writing of their novels to others, either ghostwriters or other authors who write under the more successful author’s name in order to increase sales. Although disclosed on the book cover, we consider this practice to be disingenuous and unfair to readers. Our authors are the authors of the books we publish!

Contact us:

Email: Contact at Reliance Books . com

Telephone: 920.785.3002

Mailing: RELIANCE BOOKS PUBLISHING, LLC, Delafield Rivers Gateway, 817 Genesee Street #2, Delafield, WI 53018