John Di Frances-

It is Johnís continuing goal to create value driven strategies through executive advisory and public speaking programs, and provide organizations with the necessary means to attain their objectives and achieve the unthinkable.

John Di Francesí professional career spans thirty years of global corporate, nonprofit, academic and government agency experience in senior executive and industry leadership positions.

Following are his latest publications:

Minding The Giraffes: The People Side Of Innovation (Nov 2012)
Successful Innovation begins with the people of the organization. Systemic innovation only occurs where the leadership has taken the time and committed the resources nesessary to create an organizational culture where ideas and people thrive. (more info)

Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground -
Developing Organizations of Character
Goes straight to the heart of the issues facing the corporate community.
What's at stake in the battle for the ethical high ground? Everything. The very existence of our capitalist system.
(more info)

Jackbiltô A Company of Happy, Successful People(2000)
An excellent training aid for communicating your organization's values to new employees, as well as for reinforcing a corporate ethic that truly places people first. (more info)

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